19 Apr 2019


Verizon Connect has introduced a new digital tachograph. The new tacho offers the possibility to download digital tachograph files and driver data. This helps companies to comply with European tachograph legislation, limit vehicle failure and streamline daily processes.

The digital tachograph from Verizon Connect monitors and analyses data such as driving times, breaks and rest periods and then translates this data into useful information to be transferred into Verizon Connect's Reveal fleet management platform. In this way companies can save time, improve processes and comply with legislation.

Reveal has 'live' maps on which the status and location of drivers can be seen immediately. The system detects whether a driver is already or almost meeting his legally permitted number of hours or whether he has sufficient time to carry out another assignment.

Driver and vehicle files are available via remote download to comply with EU legislation. Reveal has a 'Tracking device' on board, linked to the tachograph of a vehicle with which near-real-time data about the driver, the vehicle and the engine is sent directly to the online Reveal platform.

A 2018 study by Verizon Connect in the UK showed that one in four drivers does not observe the necessary rest periods and that fleet managers find it difficult to ensure that drivers do this. The functions in Reveal can help fleet managers to meet these challenges. Verizon also discovered that companies are struggling to extract relevant, accurate tachograph data from their vehicles. The majority view compliance with tachograph legislation as a work interruption and as time-consuming. It was found that fleet managers spend on average more than three hours a week on fixing errors in tachograph data. Verizon states that with the built-in Digital Tacho Live View tachograph data can be accessed quickly and easily and fleet managers can plan more accurately and receive fraud warnings.

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