07 Mar 2019


Heuliez is for the second time chosen by operator Qbuzz to deliver 35 electric buses in The Netherlands. The order is part of the earlier this year announced order for in total 70 electric buses. Also part of this order is the procurement of 20 Ebusco 2.2 buses of 12 meter. The buses are all to go into service in the summer of 2020.

The new electric buses will run under the brand U-OV on three city lines and on regional lines. The 35 Heuliez GX 437 articulated, 18 meters with a capacity for over 130 passengers, are to operate on the busy citylines. The 20 Ebusco buses will be used for regional lines in the Utrecht region. U-OV already operates 10 Ebusco electric buses from the first generation.

According to Managing Director Qbuzz, Gerrit Spijksma, “Heuliez came up with the best price and quality combination. Heuliez combines a medium-sized battery with a high charging speed, enabling a relatively large number of electric kilometres to be driven. This is particularly important because the U-OV buses will be loaded quickly and efficiently at the end points of the lines”. The 35 Heuliez buses are to be charged at the terminus with fast chargers though a pantograph. The 20 Ebusco's are to be charged at the depots.

To make this investment in sustainable public transport possible, the Province of Utrecht is making a one-off contribution of 5 million euro for additional costs. The buses will be leased. Financing is through the contract, concession, which runs from 2013 to 2024. Beyond 2024 the new contractor will be obligated to keep these buses in operation. Deputy Dennis Straat: "We are taking an important next step towards our ambition to fully clean public transport by 2028. Zero emission: no emissions of exhaust gases. In addition, passengers benefit from more capacity with an additional 1,000 seats per day in public transport." These 55 electric buses are part of a renewal operation in which U-OV is replacing older diesel buses. (Photo: Rick Huisinga)

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