28 Feb 2019


Busworld South East Asia 2019 will be held in Jakarta, capital of Indonesia. But also Jakarta is home of the world's longest BRT system, Transjakarta. A Bus Rapid Transit system of 251 km long. The service set a record in 2018 when it carried 730,000 passengers per day. There for during Busworld South East Asia on Thursday 21 March 2019 a panel discussion titled “Development of Mass Transportation, BRT Systems and Supporting Infrastructure” is chaired by Ir. Karlo Manik, Director of Greater Jakarta Transport Authority under MoT.

The panel discussion will be held under the wings of Busworld Academy and Global Expo Management, the organizer for international specialized trade exhibitions in Indonesia. Global Expo Management is hosting Busworld South East Asia.

Transjakarta is the first and only Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system in Indonesia. It started in 2004, by cooperating with a consortium of 5 bus companies that had at that time a crossing route with Transjakarta corridor 1. Now it consists of 155 routes. The last three years it dramatically expanded from 41 routes in 2015 with 605 buses. In 2017 this number was increased up to 1500 buses. Plans are to double the bus fleet up to 3000 vehicles. The fare has remained Rp 3,500 (22 Euro cents) per passenger since operations began. The service set a record in 2018 when it carried 730,000 passengers per day. Over the years on average Transjakarta carried 663.000 passengers per day. About 189,8 million passengers used the service of Transjakarta in 2018. The target is one million passengers daily.

Since it was decided to start operating in Jakarta on January 15 in 2004, Transjakarta has become a new cultural symbol of transportation in Indonesia. Transjakarta is also the first public transportation system subsidized by the city government in Indonesia. In the past few years, Transjakarta has become the BRT system benchmark for cities in Indonesia, such as Semarang and Medan, and a symbol of road-based public transportation renewal in and outside Indonesia, by implementing a system that was more humane for the citizens.

A fully updated programme of the Busworld Academy Conference is available on the Busworld Academy website.

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