26 Feb 2019


A new version of the icon of commercial vehicles, the Bulli, is presented by Volkswagen. What once began as a sketch in the agenda of Ben Pon, in the 1950's the Dutch importer of Volkswagen in the Netherlands, is now evolved in a new Multivan 6.1 with enhanced safety systems, electromechanical power steering, digital instruments and a 2.0 TDI engine with up to 199 PS. An all-electric version will be there next year.

Over six generations – from the T1 to the T6 – Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles has sold nearly twelve million units worldwide. Many of them are in service as passenger vehicles, taxi and public transport, or for VIP transport. Now the product line is getting an update: T6.1. New on-board is the latest generation of Volkswagen infotainment systems with an integrated SIM card which enables continual online access. Also new: the front end design, the dash panel which houses a Digital Cockpit and the third generation of the modular infotainment matrix (MIB3) with a 10.25-inch display. New features for everyday work include a 230-volt electric socket at the driver's seat and a lockable compartment in the double bench seat on the passenger side.

A new powertrain version being offered in the Bulli is an all-electric drive (enables range of more than 400 km, depending on battery option).

Power outputs of Euro-6d-TEMP engines range from 90 to 199 PS. The 150-PS TDI can be ordered with a dual clutch gearbox (DSG) and 4MOTION all-wheel drive (manual or DSG) as optional equipment. The 199-PS top version is equipped with DSG as standard (optionally with 4MOTION).

Cross Wind Assist is included in the T6.1 as standard which automatically stabilises the Bulli in case of strong wind gusts. Lane Assist lane-keeping system detects road lane markings by camera and automatically keeps the T6.1 in its lane. Park Assist will simplify parking and reversing from parking spaces. When it is activated, the system automatically guides the vehicle in and out; all the driver needs to do is operate the accelerator and brake pedals. the side protection system from the Crafter was adapted for use in the T6.1. Rear Traffic Alert protects against accidents while reversing, Trailer Assist simplifies manoeuvring with a trailer. The new T6.1 will launch in Fall 2019.

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