10 Feb 2019


The 37 Crossway NPs which will be operated by the Beltrame Group, will be put into circulation within Dracénie Provence Verdon agglomération (DPVA) by the end of 2019. The agglomeration consists of 23 municipalities.

While Dracénie Provence Verdon operates the urban network with eleven buses, it has entrusted the rest of the services to the Beltrame Group by public contract. "We now own more than 270 buses, 60 of which are dedicated to the city. With this order, it will be more than 80% of the fleet circulating on Dracénie that will run on gas, "said Anthony Beltrame, CEO of the Group. In total, there are 80 vehicles that the Beltrame Group will bring in its fleet, including four Daily Blue Power NPs that will be assigned to the city and transport on demand. The Beltrame Group, in association with Pizzorno, will install a CNG station which will also be able to supply CNG trucks in the region.

Dracénie Provence Verdon is also working to renew its bus fleet with NGV vehicles and to adopt a multi-year investment plan with the acquisition of two buses per year over three fiscal years.

"In the context of the revival of the markets in September 2018, we made the choice to encourage the bidding companies to renew their fleet with cleaner vehicles and to progressively meet the energy transition law. ", declares Frédéric Decompte, Director of Transport of DPVA.

Equipped with the CURSOR 9 NP engine, manufactured in the Bourbon-Lancy plant in Saône-et-Loire, they also offer the same power, 360 hp, and the same torque as their diesel counterpart. With four 315-liter tanks, the Crossway LE NP and Crossway NP allow up to 600 kilometers of range, with fast or slow filling choices.

Today, the Beltrame Group has a fleet of 270 buses and buses and employs around 270 people. The vehicles present on the park are, for the most part, less than 5 years old.

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