08 Feb 2019


Finnish bus company Pohjolan Liikenne has placed a new order with VDL Bus & Coach. This order also includes five VDL Citea SLE-129 Electric and ten Citeas LLE-127 with a Euro 6 diesel engine. Since 2013, VDL Bus & Coach has delivered 142 vehicles to Pohjolan Liikenne. The buses will be used for public transport authority HSL (Helsinki Region Transport) on various lines.

The Citeas SLE-129 Electric will will start their operation from December 2019 in the suburbs of Espoo and the Citeas LLE-127 from August 2019 in the regional traffic in Helsinki. The Citea SLE-129 Electric for Pohjolan Liikenne, with a seating configuration of 40+4+1 and a spacious passenger capacity of approximately 80 passengers, is very suitable for the Finnish market. The Citeas SLE-129 Electric for Pohjolan Liikenne are equipped with the new 216 kWh battery pack. They have once again chosen the 1-2-1 door configuration that simplifies boarding and alighting and ensures optimal passenger flow. During the day the buses are quickly topped up with a power of 300 kW via a roof-mounted pantograph at Leppävaara terminal where HSL will build a new charging infrastructure. At night the vehicles are also slow-charged via the CCS plug and preheated at the Pohjolan Liikenne depot.

The Citea LLE-127 Diesel, with a length of 12.7 metres, is the longest Citea LLE version. The extended wheelbase provides 4 more seats than the 12-metre version. The Citea LLE-127 for Pohjolan Liikenne features a 39+4+1 seat layout. The low fuel consumption and resulting lower emissions of harmful substances not only make the Citea LLE-127 an asset to Pohjolan Liikenne but also to the residents of Espoo and Helsinki. The Citeas SLE-129 Electric and Citeas LLE-127 have special underfilm corrosion protection on all the floor elements and the lightweight and moisture-resistant XPS sidewall insulation material.

Pohjolan Liikenne is one of the largest Finnish bus companies. With a fleet of 535 buses and coaches, the company provides local, regional and long-distance services mainly in southern Finland. The annual turnover is €100 million, and the company employs 1000 people. Pohjolan Liikenne's buses and coaches transport over 40 million passengers a total of 36 million kilometres each year. Pohjolan Liikenne is a subsidiary of VR, the Finnish national railway company.

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