02 Feb 2019


Following the European tendering process for electric buses, the transport company Wartburgmobil (VUW) has signed a contract with the Dutch manufacturer Ebusco to purchase two of their Ebusco 2.2 electric buses for operation in Eisenach.

The acquisition of the two electric buses, which are expected to be delivered this year, will be funded by the Thuringian Ministry of the Environment, Energy and Nature Conservation with European ERDF funds amounting to 80% of the total procurement costs. The bus will be equipped with a "plug in" solution, and will be ready for the daytime service after a night chargincharing. In winter, the bus is preheated up to 21°C for it leaves the depot, so passengers get in a preheated (or pre-cooled) bus without using energy from the batteries used for driving. According to Peter Bijvelds, CEO of Ebusco, the main reasons for the selection by Wartburgmobil are the range of 230km and the vehicle concept with the new heating and air conditioning system with heat pump that will be used. In addition, the Ventura electrically powered doors will have illuminated entry edges that will glow red or green to open the passenger or show closed doors.

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