28 Jan 2019


The public transport bus operator AlmatyElektroTrans LLP in Almaty, also known as Alma-Ata, in Kazachstan, is modernising its bus transport system rapidly. It intends to purchase this year another 100 12-meter and 100 18-meter buses, reports the Kazachstan BNews.kz. AlmatyElektroTrans LLP already has 587 gas buses. Almaty is also the city were Busworld will have its 'Central Asia' version of the world largest's Bus and Coach show.

Busworld Central Asia will be held in Almaty in the Atakent Expo. With the development of interregional routes chain in and around Kazachstan and due to its geographic location in the heart of Central Asia, it connects continents and regions such as Russia, China, Uzbekistan. During a pressconference about the upcoming tender, Nurlan Yelchibayev, head of the operation service of AlmatyElectroTrans LLP, said: “Today we have 587 buses in our bus fleet. We plan to buy another 100 12-meter buses and 100 18-meter gas buses this year. When they come to the city, we will launch them directly on the routes for our customers.” All buses will have gas engines. Nurlan Yelchibayev also emphasised that the public transport company is focussing on quality of service and safety. It appears that bus drivers sometimes are competing on the roads to get as quick as possible to a bus stop in order to pick up as many passengers as possible. Yelchibayev states: “The AlmatyElektroTrans LLP drivers are now forbidden to arrange these 'races'. We are focusing on the quality of service for our passengers. “He noted that there is put in place a system of encouraging and punishing drivers for how they do their job. In particular, the video surveillance system installed in transport interiors helps to monitor this. "There are driver-offenders who, for example, use cellular phones while driving. With this video surveillance system we monitor their behaviour and if this is the case we will inform the driver and notify also the police. The driver will receive a fine. Or if the driver did not stop at the bus stop, did not open the door, was rude to the passengers, violated traffic rules, got into an accident, he will be disciplined. A disciplinary commission can decide to send him or her to a training session at their own expense while he is suspended from work. After he qualified for his study he will not violate the rules again”, says Nurlan Elchibayev.

Last year all the drivers active in public transport in Almaty have been tested for professional suitability. The result was that 100 drivers out of 600 from AlmatyElektroTrans LLP were sent to get a 'retraining'.

In June of this year, Busworld is organising Busworld Central Asia in Almaty. Do you want more information? 

Busworld Central Asia website

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