20 Jan 2019


As one of the first large Dutch cities The Hague will receive a self-driving minibus by mid-2019. In addition to public transport, visitors and patients of the cities Haga Hospital can travel for free the last few hundred meters from the public transport stop to the entrance of the hospital. The self-propelled electric minibus with the name 'Haga Shuttle' will be running for four years.

A joint venture of the Hague public transport company HTM with Rebel and The Future Mobility Network uses the experience gained in this project for the further development and realization of 'last mile' solutions with self-driving minibuses in the Netherlands.

In a few places in the Netherlands, already self-driving electric minibuses are running. However without interaction with other users of public roads and not in a crowded big city like The Hague. The minibus constantly scans the environment and drives completely independently with a safe speed of up to 15 kilometres per hour. An attendant accompanies for safety, service and can intervene if necessary and help passengers board or disembark. The parties involved will use the experiences of travellers for the further development of this type of transport solutions. Patients and visitors with reduced mobility of the hospital will soon have comfortable transport between the public transport stop and the main entrance. They do not have to walk that far any more – a distance of several hundred metres.

For this private initiative, HTM, Rebel and The Future Mobility Network have jointly established a company called 'The Hague Shuttle'. Recently, The Hague Shuttle in Lyon bought the first minibus from the French manufacturer Navya. The Haga Hospital contributes to the financing and support of the exploitation. The minibus can also be used by people with wheelchairs. HTM controls the operation of the self-driving minibus, including technical maintenance and traffic guidance.

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