18 Jan 2019


The new generation of Sprinter buses was welcomed at the IAA in Hannover. Just recently Mercedes-Benz introduced the new series to the international press. It now starts with the production of the Sprinter Transfer 23 and 35, the Sprinter Mobility 23 and the Sprinter City 75. Other models and the Sprinter Travel will follow later this year.

According to Mercedes-Benz, the Sprinter Transfer 35 is the 'all-rounder among minibuses'. With a length of seven meters and a GVW of five tons good for up to 19 people. The drive axle is a dual tyre. What immediately strikes you is how smoothly the Sprinter acts and how quiet he is. There is sufficient headroom in the aisle. The own Mercedes-Benz seats have thin backrests so that more space is created but the bus does not seem so full. An effect that is reinforced by the large windows. The Sprinter Transfer is available in four models, with lengths ranging from the Transfer 23 with 5.9 m to the Transfer 55 with a length of 7.7 meters. The smallest has a GVW of 3.55 tons, the largest 5.5 tons. A maximum of 22 passengers can be accommodated.

The Sprinter Mobility 23 is for urban transport. It measures 5.9 meters and has a GVW of 3.5 t allowing it to be driven with driver's license B. It can carry a maximum of eight passengers, four wheelchair lanes or a mix thereof. The passenger compartment has an aluminium floor system with six integrated locking rails for quick and easy anchoring of wheelchairs. The larger Sprinter Mobility 45 has a GVW of 5.0 tonnes and space for a maximum of 19 passengers or 6 wheelchair spaces. Special is the raised floor - over the wheel arches - and is therefore a flat floor. The Sprinter Mobility uses a new lightweight wheelchair lift, with a load capacity of 350 kg that weighs only 100 kg.

The Sprinter City 75 is an integrally designed bus with a rear axle with high load, twin air and air suspension. The wheelbase is 5095 mm. Directly behind the A-style the Sprinter City 75 gets its own flowing line. The door is a 12v electrically driven outward swinging double door directly behind the front axle. The entry height is only 270 mm. The passenger compartment has a variable layout and can accommodate up to five folding seats on the driver's side and another two on the door side, or on a wheelchair and / or pram. If the seats are not used, a maximum of 26 passengers can be present. The driver has a Tempmatic climate control system and an electric hot air heater. The temperature in the passenger compartment is controlled by a roof-mounted climate control system with an output of 11 kW.

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