11 Jan 2019


Indonesian President Joko Widodo inaugurated the Trans Java Toll Road which connects Jakarta to Surabaya. Indonesia is conducting massive infrastructure development on land, air and water routers. And the land route is the most dominant infrastructure development. Starting from the manufacture of LRT and MRT (Light and Metro Rail Transport) and electric buses in various cities in Indonesia to the construction of toll roads to reduce the congestion level.

The inauguration was marked by the trip of the President and his entourage starting from Jombang to Kendal. With the Trans Java Toll Road transportation will grow and especially the bus industry will benefit from it. This is a breath of fresh air for bus companies because more people will choose to use public transport as it is supported by adequate road infrastructure. The now inaugurated toll roads meet the need for mass transportation in Indonesia. This connection will have a good effect on the economy, especially in the industrial and tourism area. One of Widodo's expectations for the tourism sector is that a lot of regions can develop their tourism potentials and form a opportunity for bus entrepreneurs.

GEM Indonesia shows its support through cooperation with Busworld International to organize the largest bus exhibition in Southeast Asia. This exhibition will be held on March 20-22, 2019 at JIExpo Kemayoran in Jakarta. Moreover, the era of electric buses is now under development in Indonesia. Manufacturer PT MAB is supposibly ready to mass produce electric buses. Busworld South East Asia 2019 will not only display the latest innovations and technology from the bus industry, the exhibition will also provide the latest education on the development of buses both from within and outside the country, regulations and technology. Topics which will be discussed in Busworld Academy which will bring experts from the transportation industry together. The implementation of Busworld South East Asia together with the Academy is expected to help Indonesia in facing the industrial era 4.0.

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