07 Jan 2019


Van Hool presents new powertrains for the EX and TX series: two new PACCAR/DAF MX engines and the new ZF TraXon, ZF EcoLife and the Allison T525R automatic gearbox. In addition, Van Hool has further improved the coaches and, in particular, made them lighter.

The new DAF engines are equipped with smaller and lighter DPF filters. The new gearboxes are also lighter and more compact than the ZF AS Tronic, which was the standard at Van Hool. It gave the Van Hool engineers the opportunity to further optimize the EX and TX. The weight saving is up to 900 kilograms, depending on the model. With the lightweight construction, the coach received a new engine suspension and improved engine cooling, for a quieter and vibration-free vehicle to deliver more comfort. The driver has a new dashboard where switches are better situated. For the ZF TraXon and EcoLife there is the well-known control switch with positions D, N, R and a turtle, the creep speed. With the Allison the dial is a 'touch pad' for choosing the gear.

The new ZF TraXon gearbox shifts faster and adjusts its shifting behaviour for lower consumption and lower CO2 emissions. Moreover, this gearbox can handle high torque values ​​and the most powerful engines. In combination with the DAF/PACCAR MX 13 engine, Van Hool also offers the Allison T525R for the heavier workload. The lighter MX11 can be delivered with the ZF EcoLife fully automatic. With an improved Ecoroll mode in combination with the ZF TraXon Van Hool expects a saving of three percent fuel compared to the previous generation. All DAF/PACCAR MX engines are designed for HVO or biofuels.

Van Hool now also offers PCC (Predictive Cruise Control) on its EX and TX series. By always choosing the optimum switching ratio, up to a few percent on fuel consumption is saved and thus on CO2 emissions.

The Allison T525R delivers Van Hool only on its three-axles (EX & TX and TDX). The electronics are from Allison's fifth generation, 'Transmission Health Monitor', and monitor oil consumption, the state of the oil filter, et cetera. The Torqmatic switches very smoothly and stays nice low in the revs with 1000-1100 rpm.

With 2300 Nm, the EcoLife Coach offers 25 percent more torque than its predecessor. The EcoLife Coach has standard TopoDyn Life on board. Based on data on the topography and the running resistance, it activates the right switching strategy for optimum fuel consumption.

Van Hool now also offers an 'Idle Shut-Down' option. If the vehicle is stationary, the engine is switched off after five minutes. The new electronically controlled ECAS suspension works with a higher pressure of the compressed air reserve (12 bar instead of 10 bar) so that the compressor is less frequently addressed.

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