24 Dec 2018


Volvo has upgraded the D11 and D13 diesel engines for Volvo Trucks FH, FM and FMX and Volvo Bus 9700 and 9900. Beginning of 2019 the Volvo 9700 and 9900 will be equipped with this new engine. They meet the new Euro 6 Step D regulation and contain a number of improvements that enable operators to reduce fuel costs.

The new Euro 6 Step D regulation focuses on ensuring that vehicles operate conform the emissions standards in normal operation of use. Volvo fulfills these stringent emissions standard by new engine software and improved coating in the exhaust after treatment system. The map-based I-See software uses map data to preview the topography of the route, and takes care of gear selection, acceleration and engine braking. It is designed to utilise the vehicles moving energy in the best possible way and has been improved with a number of upgrades, such as a new gear selection strategy and selective coasting which enables more efficient use of the freewheel function I-Roll. The upgraded 13 litre D13 diesel engine also uses a new VDS-5 low viscous oil type and new piston oil scraper rings that lower fuel consumption and internal friction. Additionally, the 500 hp engine saves extra fuel by having the same higher compression ratio as the 460 and 420 hp variants.

Volvo claims that with this combination of small improvements it will enable significant cost savings for our customers without compromising performance or productivity.

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