14 Dec 2018


Yutong has shipped 100 full electric E12 buses to Chile. The 100-unit order is the largest order for Yutong of new energy buses in the overseas market. It was also Yutong’s first order of new energy buses from Chile and a milestone for China’s bus industry to go abroad.

In the past three years, Yutong’s bus exports to Chile ranked first in China’s bus industry. So far, the total number of Yutong buses in Chile is 758 units. At present, more than 500 vehicles are running in the capital Santiago. The 100 full electric buses will be used by Buses Vule and STP Santiago to serve the Santiago public transportation system. Yutong’s delivery comes as the Chilean government launched an environmental-friendly urban development policy, part of which includes a program to replace current city buses with new-energy vehicles by 2050.

Yutong has entered the Chilean market since 2005. Yutong has seven service stations in Chile, covering the major cities in the country with the capital city of Santiago as the center. The 100 Yutong E12 full electric buses boast comfortable interiors, long driving range and ultra-low energy consumption. Matched with 150KW DC charger, Yutong claims it takes only two hours to fully charge the vehicle. It can meet the daily driving range of 300km without turning on the air conditioner. Yutong delivered a trial bus in November 2017 after which the order for 100 buses was placed. Responsible for this order was Yutongs dealer in Chile, the Gildemeister Group is the largest automotive sales company in the region.

With the arrival of the 100 full electric buses in Chile, Yutong will further expand its market in Chile, and also try to cover the surrounding areas such as Brazil, Colombia, Uruguay, etc. Thus, Yutong is expected to open a new situation in the Latin American market. Yutong has totally over 20,635 buses and coaches in the Latin America, accounting for 54% of China's bus exports to this area. Among them several sightseeing double deckers in Santiago.

In 2017, Yutong saw a total sale of 67,568 large- and medium-sized buses including 24,865 new-energy buses. For this year over the first eleven months the number of buses produced decreased with 3.22% to 54,246 units. Yutong has expanded it presence into the markets in the United Kingdom, France, Chile, Bulgaria, Iceland and China Macao.

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