14 Dec 2018

Volvo exhibits at Busworld South East Asia 2019

The latest new destination of the Busworld exhibitions is Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. Busworld South East Asia will be held from 20 to 22 March 2019 in the Jakarta International Expo (JIEXPO) Kemayoran-Jakarta, a venue that is fully up to international standards. Different international - such as Volvo - and local - such as Laksana - vehicle builders will be presenting their latest products.

The population of Indonesia is around 268 million people. It is the fourth most populous country in the world. About 55% of the people lives in urban areas and their median age is around 28 years.

Indonesia is the world’s largest island country with 13,000 islands! More than half the population lives on Java, the world’s most populous island. Other parts of Indonesia are popular holiday destinations, especially Bali.

Jakarta, the capital, is reckoned to have the second most populous urban area in the world. The country has abundant natural resources like oil and gas, also gold, tin and copper.
The main cities in Indonesia suffer greatly from congestion and pollution. One of the main tasks is to replace the masses of minibuses with larger vehicles. The Government has introduced a small number of Bus Rapid Transit routes in Jakarta, but there is an urgent need to expand the network and to introduce similar systems in other major cities.

The large bus market is contested by European and Japanese manufacturers, in many cases working with local bodybuilders. Until recently, their chassis were largely truck derived, with high frames. Passengers had to climb three or four steps to enter a bus, resulting in longer dwell times at bus stops and slower journeys for passengers.

Scania was probably the first to introduce European style accessible buses but they can now expect competition from their Swedish colleague, because Volvo has re-entered the Indonesian market in 2017 and will attend Busworld. Volvo already delivered buses to Transjakarta in the beginning of this year.

All the main European Volvo models are available in right-hand drive so it will be interesting to see how Volvo plans to tackle this major market. There is a limited network of BRT routes, some with South American style high floor buses and boarding platforms. However, Volvo can also offer hybrid buses, bus chassis, including double deck, and a range of two and three axle coaches with various gangway heights.

There might well be opportunities to introduce alternative fuels in Indonesia. The country has abundant supplies of natural gas and is in the early stages of considering electric buses.

Indonesia needs to develop its public transport. It has a massive population, crowded cities, traffic congestion and pollution. There must be great opportunities not just for manufacturers and component suppliers but also for companies supplying supporting services like telematics, diagnostics and fleet management. Many of Busworld’s loyal and regular exhibitors must have opportunities to sell their products and services into the Indonesian market.

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