05 Dec 2018


Just a few months ago VDL Bus & Coach expanded its electric Citea product range with the Low Entry variants. Already a first order is placed. The Finnish public transport company Tammelundin Liikenne Oy is the first customer to order 2 VDL Citeas SLE-129 Electric. In August 2019 the buses will be put in service on lines 90 and 96 in the Vuosaari region of Helsinki.

The two new electric VDL's are a direct replacements for the current diesel buses on these lines. “Making public transport more sustainable plays a major role in the transition to a healthier living environment”, said Launo Elers, Managing Director Tammelundin Liikenne Oy. It is the first public transport company in Finland to purchase electric buses on a commercial basis.

This low entry Citea Electric with a length of 12.9 metres, a 40+3 seating configuration and a large passenger capacity of approximately 80 passengers is ideal for the Finnish market. The Citeas SLE-129 Electric for Tammelundin Liikenne are equipped with the new 216 kWh battery pack. During the day the buses are used for short distances of 2 and 5 kilometres and recharged at the metro station in Vuosaari. In the evening and at night the buses travel distances of 17 and 19 kilometres and are recharged at Helsinki Central Station. The buses are topped up during operation by means of a roof-mounted pantograph with a power transfer capacity of 300 kW. When out of service, the vehicles are slow charged with 50 kW depot chargers using the CCS plug at the Tammelundin Liikenne depot. In total the two VDL Citeas SLE-129 Electric are in operation 22 hours a day.

Tammelundin Liikenne Oy is a family business that has been active in the public transport sector since 1946. With a total of around 40 buses, including 22 VDL Citea LLE, the company provides the regional transport in Helsinki for PTA HSL.

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