30 Nov 2018

Busworld Central Asia in Kazakhstan, the New Silk Road hub

In 2019 Busworld launches two new exhibitions, one of them taking place in Almaty, the capital of Kazakhstan.
Why does Busworld think Kazakhstan is the place to be for an international bus and coach only B2B exhibition in the Central Asia region?

There are a number of reasons. But the first one on the list is the fact that due to the combination of its location and its membership of the Shanghai Co-operation Organisation* (SCO), Kazakhstan is becoming the new Silk Road Economic Belt hub and is gaining geopolitical and geo-economic importance.

As a facilitating body, the SCO is also key to the success of the new Silk Road’s land route. By providing a forum in which the interested parties can exchange ideas and information, it helps to smooth possible tensions and create an atmosphere of trust, most notably between China and Russia. Exploring ways to integrate European markets with Asian ones will benefit both the Europeans as the Asians. The route to China, which passes through Kazakhstan and Central Asia, is a vital one as European and Asian markets continue to become economically interdependent.

So in short, Kazakhstan is a country with great potential.

*The SCO exists since 2001. Its current members are the six original members China, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and since 2017 India and Pakistan entered the association.

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