13 Nov 2018


Brigade Electronics has won the Award for the Living Environment in the product innovations category for its Quiet Vehicle Sounder (QVS) during the 22nd edition of the Sound, Vibration and Air Quality conference in the Netherlands.

The Quiet Vehicle Sounder warns pedestrians and other VRU’s that a quiet vehicle is approaching. The Multi-frequency sound it makes is only heard in the hazard zone through a loudspeaker in the front of the vehicle. Pitch and volume increase with vehicle speed to mimic an internal combustion engine. When the vehicle reaches a set speed, the sound cuts out. The award was handed over by former minister for the environment Jacqueline Cramer to Christopher Hanson-Abbott OBE, chairman and founder of Brigade Electronics Group and Huib Slijkhuis, managing director van Brigade Benelux.
The QVS from Brigade Electronics is specially developed for electric and hybrid vehicles. These vehicles are only audible at high speeds, which means that they pose a road safety risk for vulnerable road users. When vehicles with speeds below 32km/h approximately 20mph) they are almost silent and research has shown that 37% more likely that EVs and hybrids are involved in pedestrian accidents than conventional cars. At a higher speed Electric and hybrid vehicles wind and road noise generate enough sound that they can be heard. Studies have concluded that electric and hybrid vehicles pose a danger to vulnerable road users (VRU) and increase the risk of incidents with pedestrians by up to 80%.
Since 2010, Brigade has been involved in the QRTV (Quiet Road Transport Vehicles) working group to establish requirements for the standard. It has developed a multi-frequency Quiet Vehicle Sounder, integrating the patented bbs-tek® technology. This gives greater directional information to the ear allowing the VRU to instantly locate where the sound is coming from and to take evasive action.

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