29 Oct 2018


After earlier this year in August having placed an order for 55 VDL Citeas Electric the Rotterdam public transport company RET placed yet a second order for 143 buses. The new order consists of 103 VDL Citeas SLE-120 Hybrid and 40 VDL Citeas LLE-120 Euro 6.

Starting in late 2019 the electric buses will be deployed for line services in the cities of Rotterdam, Schiedam and Vlaardingen and the hybrid and diesel buses will mainly be used for regional service in the Rotterdam region. With the deployment of hybrid and lightweight diesel buses on regional lines in the Rotterdam region, a further step is being taken in the transition to cleaner public transport. Maurice Unck, CEO of RET, said, “With this step we are once again contributing to the shared sustainability objectives of the national government, the region and RET.”
The rear axle of the VDL Citea SLE-120 Hybrid is driven by an electric motor for which the electric current either comes from the battery pack, in which case it is purely electric-powered, or the diesel generator which charges the batteries too. In addition, recovered braking energy is also used to charge the batteries. When the diesel engine is running, the speed will be kept as constant as possible to maintain the lowest possible noise level. President and Chairman of the Board Willem van der Leegte of VDL Groep said, “We at VDL are very proud to continue our long history of supplying buses to Rotterdam, and are also pleased that our buses will contribute to further CO2 reduction in the city and thus a cleaner Rotterdam.”
The 40 Citeas LLE with a length of 12 metres stand out thanks to their very low kerb weight combined with fuel-efficient Euro 6 engines. The fuel savings not only result in lower operating costs but also significant reduction of the CO2 emissions. Furthermore the diesel buses are equipped with a start-stop system to save fuel.

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