22 Oct 2018


Michelin introduces the new MICHELIN X Coach Z: a tire for buses in regional and long-distance transport. This new 295/80 R 22.5 MICHELIN X Coach Z can be mounted on the steering axle as well as the drawbar axle. It has M+S and the 3PMSF markings, to be used in all seasons. This new tire combines two innovative technologies, Regenion and Infinicoil, making it more robust and with a greater mileage potential, according to Michelin. The manufacturer states that compared to the previous generation, it can cover 16% more kilometres.

The profile of the tread of the MICHELIN X Coach Z changes depending on the tire wears. The grooves and drainage channels for the water open themselves in the final phases of life of the tire. The new design of the grooves also helps to maximize the contact area and ensures that more rubber is in contact with the road, which should give the tire more grip on wet roads. Furthermore, the band has the 3 PMSF mark so it should performs well in winter conditions. This new tire combines two new innovative technologies: Regenion and Infinicoil. Regenion: grooves with different shapes guarantee a minimal distortion of the tread. So there is less rolling resistance and that also reduces fuel consumption. In addition, the grooves regenerate themselves as they wear out further to ensure a higher degree of grip and traction throughout the life cycle of the tire. Infinicoil provides a continuous steel wire, inside the carcass, which (depending on the size of the tire) can be up to 400 meters long. This highly resistant steel wire increases the overall resistance of the tire and thus optimizes the contact surface with the ground. Michelin states that the tire has a greater mileage potential and less rolling resistance, so that fuel consumption goes down combined. Mounted on the front axle, the new MICHELIN X COACH Z can carry a weight of 7.5 tons.

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