19 Oct 2018


The Busworld management has big plans for Busworld China. It is developing a brand new concept for the exhibition projected in Shanghai. It has to become the equivalent of Busworld Europe, be it with a more technological focus. Busworld China will, just like Busworld Europe does, attract both suppliers and buyers from around the world as well as companies looking for technological know-how.

As announced in August 2018, Busworld International and VNU Exhibitions Asia Ltd. are partnering up to relaunch the highly reputed Busworld China. As a start the next exhibition was scheduled for next spring but now with this new strategy and with Busworld Europe next year moving to Brussels, the capital of Belgium, it is decided that Busworld China will be held in 2020.
”We truly believe in the opportunity of organising a second Busworld mothership exhibition-seminar-networking event in China. Since China is the most advanced country in battery electric and other types – like hydrogen - of electric buses, we are convinced this is the place to be for us. By early 2020 we will be ready to take up this challenge!”, commented Mr. Didier Ramoudt, President of Busworld International, on the strategy change. The change in direction and vision of the exhibition is shared by Mr. David Zhong, President of VNU Exhibitions Asia Ltd. “In terms of market size, product quality and export growth in China’s bus & coach market, China undoubtedly has a strong footprint in the global scale. A new concept Busworld China proportional to China’s market status in early 2020 will give the exhibition marginal time to conduct a full-scale upgrade in resources benefiting exhibitors and visitors both domestic and abroad.”
A brand new Busworld concept for the Shanghai edition and a new strategy inevitably means a new timeline, so new event dates will have to be set. Busworld China 2020 will be unveiled soon with more details. Or check the Busworld websites www.busworld.org and www.busworldchina.org.

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