14 Oct 2018


Turkish bus builder Karsan is cooperating with Dana Incorporated to feature Dana’s TM4 SUMO MD electric motor and inverter in Karsan's ATAK electrified midibus.

The electrified bus is based on the Karsan ATAK eight-meter low-entry bus platform. The TM4 SUMO MD is composed of a high-torque, permanent magnet variable reluctance (PMVR) direct drive motor and automotive-grade power electronics. Both companies stresses that the new motor can deliver 45 percent more torque and operating speed than previous motors in the same compact package, while reducing cost. PMVR works by adding specially-designed soft magnetic composites (SMCs) next to the magnets. SMCs are produced through a new forming process and fabrication method by TM4. The SMCs also allows the use of simpler and smaller magnets that are easier to manufacture and that uses less rare-earth in the fabrication process to account for 25 percent savings in magnetic material.
According to Karsan this new bus platform is able to operate with a range of up to 300 kilometres on a single charge. Dana is also a key contributor in the development of the vehicle control software, through the supply of hardware and services related to its TM4 NEURO 200 vehicle control unit platform and SynApps development tool.
Karsan, a manufacturer of light commercial vehicles, shuttle buses, and city buses, introduced its first prototype electric minibus, the Karsan JEST, in 2016. Karsan was founded in 1966 as Karsan Otomotiv Sanayii ve Ticaret A.Ş. operated under the Koç Group between 1979 and 1998. Following Inan Kıraç’s purchase of the majority shares in 1998, today the Company carries out its operations within the body of Kıraça Holding. Karsan also produces for Hyundai Motor Company’s the H350 panel vans, minibuses, and chassis for pick-up trucks and Menarinibus branded buses under license.

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