13 Oct 2018


TheMotion 2.0, an innovative system which fundamentally simplifies drivetrain technology. This is how the makers, e-Traction, of it describes their new 'in-wheel' electric engine. It was on show at the IAA and could also be tested.

TheMotion 2.0 has more power, higher torque, and is more compact and efficient than e-Traction’s previous model, resulting in a total cost of ownership that is lower than ever. Is what e-Traction explained at the IAA where they had the full powertrain (two in-wheel motors with subframe, integrated power electronics, a power distribution unit and smart control ECU) on display. There was even a bus equipped with TheMotion 2.0.
"TheMotion 2.0 is a game changer in electric drive line technology. It is the final stage of electric traction, featuring the latest in-wheel motor technology with integrated electronics and smart functionality to achieve optimal efficiency and enhance performance in torque, durability and space with lowest total cost of ownership", says Peter van der Wal, CTO at e-Traction.
Te Motion 2.0 is a direct drive system with 80% less moving parts then its predecessor. This also means that lower friction is maintained which reduces 'rattle and hum'. The drive line has been simplified. The energy output reaches as high as 94%. e-Traction says the Motion 2.0 delivers up to 15% better then the benchmark of existing electric drive-lines. TheMotion 2.0 should get about 20 kilometres range more out of one battery charge.
TheMotion 2.0 replaces the rear axle and can be retrofitted. Advanced software cooperates with the existing ABS- and EBS-systems, which results in optimal recuperation of braking energy. Since 2016 e-Traction is part of the Chinese Tanhas Group, a supplier for the automotive industry. TheMotion 2.0 is constructed of parts coming from Europe and China and is build in China.

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