09 Oct 2018


The UICR (Union Chauffeurs Internationale des Routiers) organises every two year a World Championship in safety driving for trucks and buses. This year the team from Finland was the winner, followed by the Dutch team and the Belgian team.

The championship was held during the last weekend of September in the centre of the Belgian city of Ghent and was organized by the Belgium Truckers Club (BTC). “This championship is a positive way of getting attention for the trade of professional driver”, says Frans Aerts, Chairman of the BTC. Teams from 14 countries worldwide, from Belgium to Zimbabwe joined the championship. 140 drivers participated, all champions in their home country.
The trucks in which the drivers had to perform their skills were sponsored by MAN in Belgium. MAN supports the effort of the BTC to improve the image of the drivers, a not to be underestimated profession.
In order to become a world champion various theoretical and practical tasks have to be solved with as few errors as possible. The aim of the World Cup is the training of professional drivers in safety driving, economic driving and cargo securing. The UICR believes that trained drivers have better opportunities in professional life and improve the general road safety significantly. To participate at the UICR world championship drivers must regularly pass national championships.
The next World Championship will be held in 2020 in either Croatia or Uruquay.

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