01 Oct 2018


At the IAA Belgium bus and coach manufacturer Van Hool presented a completely new drive train for its EX and TX coach range. More eco-friendly, less fuel consumption, less maintenance costs and more travel comfort. The new drive train became possible with the new engine series and new gearboxes from Van Hool's main suppliers, DAF, ZF and Allison. Besides the new drivetrain Van Hool also enhanced the EX series on a lot of details but more importantly it managed to reduce the weight with up to 1,200 kg.

The launch of the DAF ‘Next Gen’ (NG) engines results in reduced consumption and maintenance costs. The engine block has been adapted to ensure less internal friction and resistance, and the engines have been equipped with a new turbo with a faster response time and lots more new components resulting in more power, a higher torque and 3% fuel savings. Also the maintenance intervals has been extended. The DAF MX NG engines are suitable for HVO biofuels.
The twin-axle versions of the EX will come with a manual transmission as standard. Optional there is now the ZF TraXon which has the EcoRoll function to cut fuel consumption. The EX can also be equipped with the fully automatic (hydraulic) ZF Ecolife. All EX and TX tri-axle models can be fitted with the very smooth operating Allison T525R.

The updated version of the EX range offers reduced weight of up to 1,200 kg depending the model, and improved aerodynamics. Also there is a completely new dashboard with improved ergonomics.
The vehicle has new engine mounts and improved engine cooling, both of which ensure a quieter vehicle with less vibration to guarantee ultimate travel comfort, according to Van Hool. This year Van Hool will also introduce the 'EX L' (mid-decker) and a short version ‘11’ (10 m class).
The PCC (Predictive Cruise Control) is further enhanced to have the gearbox always choose the optimum ratio for the least fuel consumption. This option will be available by the end of this year. With 'Smart', the EX and TX have an environment-friendly control of the alternators to avoid unnecessary engine load. Also ECAS is on board, an electronic height-adjustment suspension. In combination with the new smart compressed air management, the air compressor only cuts in when needed and at the most favourable moment.
Together with the aesthetic changes introduced on the news EX, the construction of the EX 2-axle version has been thoroughly overhauled with the goal to cut fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Depending on the version, up to 900 kg can be saved. Due to this change, the vehicle is quieter and vibration-free.

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