26 Sep 2018


Still this week Russian manufacturer Volga Bus is showing its first electric bus, the CR12E, short for CityRythm, at the IAA 2018 (hall 11) in the German city of Hannover. Volga Bus especially created this electric bus for the European market. It has given the CR12E a 'bright design with avant-gardism elements'.

After the IAA Volga Bus undoubtedly will show their latest high-tech product at Busworld Russia to be held from 23 to 25 October in Moscow. The Russian engineers developed a bus according the latest technical standards with composite material and lightweight alloys for the sidepanels and roof. Volga Bus managed to reduce the weight of the bus by 30%. The steel structure is welded which is done by robots to ensure a high quality. Robots are also responsible for the paint job on the bus.
The less weight contributes to a low energy consumption, Volga Bus explains. It specifies a 300 kilometre range for the CR12E. It can be fully charged in five hours, which avoids installing expensive infrastructure as Volga Bus points out. Electronic braking system allows to regenerate the braking energy to its maximum extent practically without participation of the air braking system and to reduce the power consumption of the compressor unit.
The electric system lay out is rather similar to what the Western European manufacturers are implementing. Volga Bus uses a ZF AV 130 axle with the two 125 kW engines integrated in the wheelhubs.
Volga Bus decided to switch from hydraulic systems to electrically driven systems like the electric powersteering, electric door drives, electric heating pump instead of a traditional climate system and so on. Additional power supply is available of software development which enables effective charging. Volga Bus claims a power consumption of 0,8 kWh/km SORT3. The energy comes from a 300 kW LiFePO4 battery.
The front part of the bus is low floor with enough space for bikes and wheelchairs which can enter the bus via a folding ramp. The CR12E can carry up to 85 people, 26 seated.

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