17 Sep 2018


Where a great deal of the attention at Busworld 2018 in Bengaluru went to 'electric drivelines', there are other possibilities to tackle the pollution problem India is facing: CNG. At Busworld India the American company Agility Fuel Solutions showed their productline of CNG storage systems but also a Low NOx 300 hp natural gas engine. Agility opened a sales office in Bengaluru and is planing to expand its business in India but also in Europe it was said.

India is to implement the BS6 (Bharat stage 6) emission standard in April 2020. A standard comparable with the Euro 6 standard in Europe. To meet the challenge besides diesel there is gas. In India until now the CNG cylinders for gas storage in the vehicles were made of steel and there for to heavy. Also the range limits play an important role. Only one year ago India's CCOE agency approved the use of the new Type-4 composite cylinders. They are 70% lighter compared with steel cylinders. The loss of weight means that more or bigger cylinders can be used on the vehicle increasing the range of the bus. For instance a typical citybus in India delivers the same range with two CNG cylinders were up to now 8 to 10 steel ones are required. It makes a difference of 750 kg. An average citybus in India does 250 to 300 km a day. Doubling the storage cylinders means a range of up to 800 km's.
To complete the alternative driveline Agility also produces a complete powerline including a General Motors 6.0 litre V8 gas engine with the Agility natural gas fuel system, the 366NG. It delivers over 300 hp and is certified to have NOx emissions that are 90% below the already stringent BS6 standard. The engine is also available in a LPI version. With this complete system Agility also offers to convert diesel buses to CNG or even dual fuel.
Besides this CNG system Agility also has in place solution for propane powertrains, hydrogen storage systems and modular battery packs for electric vehicles. It already has set up hydrogen storage systems in several bus fleets in the USA and Canada.

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