09 Sep 2018


At Busworld India 2018 surprisingly there was also Belkommunmash from Belarus which showcased the project of their electric buses and announced a probable entry in the Indian market through a partnership with a local company. In the light of the electric bus potential of the Indian market, this comes as no surprise.

Electrification is high on the agenda of the Indian public transport companies since the government decided that that all diesel buses should be replaced by electric buses by 2030. The first announcement made was a few weeks ago. Delhi is preparing to procure thousand electric buses in the near future. India is a very large market and it has committed it self to clean up the air in its metropolises.
Belkommunmash is known for their trolley buses and trams in for instance Belarus and Kazachstan. Now it has in its brochure, because it was unable to showcase any 'life' bus, several electric models, from a 18.7 metre articulated version E433 Vitovt Max Electro to a Vitovt Mini Electro E490 of 9,6 metre with 18 seats but with two sliding doors.
Belkommunmash follows a different technical path compared with other electric bus manufacturers. Instead of batteries it uses supercapacitators on which the E490 can reach a range of maximum 25 kilometres and the articulated E433 15 kilometres. Charging time is for the latter 5 minutes and for the midibus 6 minutes when there is still 30% energy left in the supercap. It means that on the route there has to be charging equipment installed. In collaboration with partner Axis Energy it also can provide assistance in developing solar and windmill parks to generate electricity locally. Although it is said that India has a surplus of around 30% of electricity it is yet unable to transport it to were it is needed. India simply lacks the infrastructure. To develop locally environmentally friendly energy plants could bring a solution. (www.bkm.by)

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