27 Aug 2018


MAN Truck & Bus is showcasing its fully electric Lion’s City at this year’s International Motor Show (IAA) for Commercial Vehicles in Hanover, Germany. It will go in series production in 2020. MAN Truck & Bus expects that by 2030 around 66% of scheduled-service buses will be electric.

Earlier this year MAN presented the new designed Lion's City. This electric version has a slightly modified design highlighting the unique nature of the electric drive. Its most striking feature is the lack of a rear engine compartment, with the batteries installed on the roof, making room for a large seating area at the back. MAN has opted for one central motor to power its electric bus (on the second driven axle), then two to power its articulated bus (on the second and third driven axles). MAN says the are easier to access and more simply designed than motors in close proximity to the wheels, which provides advantages in terms of maintenance and the total cost of ownership (TCO). In particular, the articulated bus benefits in terms of its handling. The two driven axles increase its driving stability and, in turn, its safety, as well as providing maximum energy recovery when braking.

The fully electric driveline produces 160 to 270 kW in the Solobus. The power used for this comes from the modular batteries with 480 kWh capacity (Solo) or 640 kWh (articulated). The Lion’s City eBus will have a 200 km range in realistic conditions and over their batteries’ full life cycles. The batteries are plugged into a CCS and charged at the depot, which can fully charge Solobuses in under three hours and articulated buses in under four with an average charging power of 100 kW. This length of time falls accordingly when the maximum charging power of 150 kW is supplied. MAN surveyed close to 200 customers throughout Europe and concluded that flexible and uninterrupted service (without opportunity charging) is more important than an unlimited range.

Especially since battery technology is developing at a rapid pace. In that respect MAN give the customer the opportunity to upgrade the current battery modules to the next generation.

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