26 Aug 2018


Canadian cities Montreal and Laval have increased their fleets of electric city buses with a major purchase of in total forty 100% electric vehicles. Thirty 12-metre buses will go to Montreal and ten to Laval. The order is granted to the Winnipeg-based company, New Flyer Industries Canada, which will begin manufacturing the slow-charge buses this spring for a grand total of 43.2 million Canadian dollar.

The Société de transport de Laval (STL), which already has one electric bus in circulation, aims to have only electric buses by 2023. The Société de transport de Montréal (STM) currently has three electric buses in its fleet as part of the City Mobility project and aims to operate exclusively with electric buses by 2025. September 2017 STM issued a tender for the procurement of four standard, quick-charging electric buses (40 feet), 30 slow-charging electric buses (40 feet) and four midibuses (30 feet). The first part if this bid is now awarded by STM and STL to New Flyer. The order is supported by funding from provincial and federal governments. It is the largest order ever Canadian battery-electric bus procurement to date. STL and STM committing to buy only electric buses as of 2023 and 2025, respectively.
Slow-charging electric vehicles typically take six to eight hours to fully charge. Quick-charging is done while driving, taking three to five minutes each time. Slow-charged batteries allow for longer drives than quick charges.
The buses will use depot-based charging to slow-charge the buses, with 466kWh batteries on board.
With the announcement, Laval and Montréal join the likes of Toronto, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York, Portland, Palm Springs, and other cities across North America operating New Flyer’s zero-emission, battery-electric Xcelsior CHARGE™ buses. STM provides public transportation in Montréal, Québec, via bus, taxibus, paratransit, and subway services, delivering over 260 million passenger rides per year. STL provides public transportation via bus and paratransit services in the community of Laval, Québec, delivering over 20 million passenger rides per year.
New Flyer is North America's heavy-duty transit bus manufacturer and offers a product line under the Xcelsior® and Xcelsior CHARGE™ brands.

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