22 Aug 2018


JAC Motors, established in 1964, announced that the assembly of its Sunray van and minibus will start at MAZ factory in Brest (Belarus). Not only will MAZ produce the vehicles but they will build them under their own brand. The new models will be sold as MAZ 281 and MAZ 3650. The components for the vehicles will be imported from China. JAC Motors is Officially known as Jianghuai Automobile Co Ltd, and has been listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange since 2001.

The JAC Sunray is equipped with a 2.8 liter diesel turbo engine in Euro 3 emission standard. The engine delivers 118 hp with 280 Nm at 2000-2200 rpm. The Sunray will be available in several configurations from a minibus with eight seats up to 18 seats. There is also a panelvan available. Both versions of the vehicle have manual 5-speed transmissions. ABS/EBD is standard. Airconditioning, tachograph, navigation equipment, engine preheater, electric windows etcetera are optional.
Although the JAC Sunray looks a lot like the older Mercedes-Benz Sprinter generation, JAC Motors emphasise that the exterior of the model has been designed by an Italian design centre in Turin and the interior by Japanese in Tokyo but using “European advanced products as the benchmark”.
On their website JAC Motors promotes the JAC multi-van as spacious as the coaches, as comfortable driving as sedans and as high of a loading capacity as vans.
JAC Motors says it is the No.1 commercial vehicle brand in China, selling passenger and commercial vehicles to over 100 countries worldwide. JAC Motors has over 500 dealerships and 14 assembly plants in over 50 countries worldwide across Latin America, Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia. (http://jacuae.com/sunray.html)

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