08 Jul 2018


Due to the railway strikes in France, German based buscompany Flixbus has gained a lot more business on the routes between Belgium and France. Flixbus has decided to double its service between Belgium and France. Between Brussels and Paris from now on Flixbus will uphold a bus service every hour.

The success of Flixbus Benelux has urged the company to develop 200 new connections starting from 15 busstops in Belgium, including Kortrijk. Unfortunately this connection comes a bit late for all the Bus and Coach Fans who used to visit Busworld in Kortrijk, because the Next Busworld Europe is to be held in Brussels in 2019. The good news is that Brussels is with over 60 connections one of Flixbus' main hubs in the Benelux.


The 200 new lines connect Belgium with ten countries. On existing lines Flixbus will double the frequency.


Due to the railway strikes in France Flixbus transported in some weeks 30% more passengers then previous year. On bus lines in France Flixbus counted in the second quarter of this years 60% more passengers then in the same period in 2017.


Also Flixbus will start an aiport shuttle service between Brussels-Zaventem Airport and Schiphol Amsterdam. And Flixbus also raised the frequency of its service between Amsterdam-Brussels-Paris to 26 times a day.

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