17 Apr 2018


The federal government is providing $21.5 million through its public transit infrastructure fund. The province is contributing $10.8 million through its GreenTRIP program. The city is also providing $10.8 million.

Major Iveson said the city will get its first five electric buses in 2019 and 35 more by 2020.

The city would like to see the entire fleet converted to electric within 10 or 20 years. Electric buses cost more to purchase than diesel buses but are cheaper to operate and maintain and produce fewer greenhouse-gas emissions, he added.

It also will produce a more reliable bus for the operators  and the maintenance people to work with, and it will also produce a smoother and quieter ride with less exhaust and less noise in neighbourhoods.

Edmonton Transit used to have a fleet of electric trolley buses but they were retired in 2009 as part of a cost-cutting move.

St. Albert put three new electric buses on the road last year, and Parkland County has one electric school bus.

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