02 Apr 2018


Chinese Ankai bus manufacturer has received an order for CNG Buses being being built for Kazakhstan. The buses have been ordered by Kazakhstan Saryarka AvtoProm LLP, which signed up for 70 8.5 metre units in January.
After inspection, the buses will take up service in Aktobe, a city on the Ilek River in the country’s west. Aktobe is seeking to develop its image as a green smart city and help other cities in the Aktobe Region to also become ecologically friendly.

This is the largest single order that Ankai has harvested since it entered the Kazakhstan market. Although Kazakhstan is China’s second largest trading partner next to Russia in the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), due to the protection of its domestic brands, Kazakhstan has extremely strict restrictions on the import of foreign transit products. There are few Chinese passenger cars.

The customer, Saryarka AvtoProm company, operates Kazakhstan’s renowned passenger car and commercial vehicle assembly plant and sales. As a result, they have more stringent requirements and standards for Chinese bus products introduced into their own markets.

Saryarka AvtoProm has previously ordered 10 sets of Ankai buses covering 8.5 meters, 10.5 meters and 12 meters, all powered by natural gas. Their positive experience led to the placement of the order with Ankai.

Aktobe Region experiences cold temperate continental climate: the average temperature in winter is close to -25 ℃, the lowest temperature of -47 ℃. In order to conquer this snowy “stiff” soil, Ankai natural gas buses must have excellent performance in terms of power performance and cold-proof configuration. That includes cold protection for the natural gas pipelines on each bus.In addition to being capable of reliable operation in the alpine environment, these Ankai buses were equipped with a total of four cylinders and have a driving ratio of

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