18 Jan 2018


The STM, local public transport operator, announced the planned acquisition of 300 new buses, a 15 per cent increase making a total of 2107 buses.
The announcement was made along with a call for tender and it remains unclear how much the buses will cost.

The buses will cost more than the estimate of $225 million put forth by Mayor Valerie Plante.

"It raises a lot more questions than it answers about the costs of the buses," he said. "Projet Montreal has indicated $225 million but we're learning there's more additional related costs."

Included in those costs is the price of hiring around 600 new bus drivers and maintenance personnel. The first of the buses are expected to be delivered by 2020. It will increase buses on Montreal roads to 2107, up from the current 1807. Buses will include features like USB charging stations and air conditioning.



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