17 Dec 2017


MOIA, a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group, introduced a concept electric van designed for ride pooling at the recent TechCrunch show in Berlin.

MOIA is currently testing its ride pooling service in Hannover, using a fleet of Volkswagen Multivan T6 vehicles. It hopes to put the entire ecosystem, including the new electric van, into service in Hamburg in 2018, with 200 electric shuttle vehicles.

The MOIA concept vehicle has a range of about 300 kilometers. It was designed exclusively for ride pooling services, and provides space for up to six passengers. Each car features WiFi and an automatic door, and the seats are equipped with dimmable reading lights and USB ports.

The system includes an app that shows customers which cars are available and how much a ride will cost. A pooling algorithm groups passengers with similar destinations in order to increase the capacity for each car.


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