07 Nov 2017


It was the second bus on this exhibition which was equipped with the HyMove hydrogen fuel cell. The Polish bus manufacturer Ursus Bus developed the bus in co-operation with the Dutch fuel cell manufacturer.

Ursus has added to their product range the Ursus City Smile Fuel Cell bus, which is now ready for production. The hydrogen-powered bus combines the advantages of diesel and electric vehicles into a state-of-the-art, eco-conscious design. A pair of efficient fuel cell modules uses hydrogen from the roof-mounted tanks to automatically charge the main batteries, which results in at least 450-kilometer range, thus allowing the bus to operate for a whole day without recharging or refueling (which takes only about ten minutes). All the comfort of an electric vehicle – low noise and vibration, excellent ride smoothness – is retained thanks to fuel cells’ quiet operation. Ursus hydrogen bus is a truly eco-friendly solution for city transport, since – – in addition to zero emissions – it doesn’t require multiple sets of heavy and expensive batteries. A compact battery pack is sufficient.

Ursus Bus is located in Lublin, Poland.Ursus Bus is a new company that combines and utilizes the experience of both its mother companies: Ursus S.A. and AMZ-Kutno S.A.

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