06 Nov 2017


The Hansea group – with its 805 buses the largest private bus company in Flanders (Belgium) – renews its fleet which is a great investment in the environment. Hansea ordered 72 new buses from MAN, an investment worth no less than 15 million euros. This makes it immediately the largest order of buses for MAN Belgium in the 12 years that Man/Neoplan buses and coaches have been distributed in Belgium.

The 72 new buses all have a Euro 6 engine and will replace older Euro 3 buses. The buses will be deployed for Flemish transport company De Lijn.

In 2018, Hansea will make another 4-million investment, this time in new coaches and school buses. In this case too, older Euro 3 buses will be replaced by new Euro 6 models.

“Research shows that the Euro 6 standard can make a huge difference in the emission of exhaust gases and dust particles”, says Harry Hondius, mobility specialist. “Consider, for example, the emission of nitrogen. For the amount of nitrogen emitted by a one Euro 3 label bus, you can deploy 25 buses with a Euro 6 label. That is a huge difference.” Also, the emission of fine dust is very small in vehicles with a Euro 6 diesel engine, almost immeasurable. On top of that, the new Euro 6 diesel buses are a lot quieter than their Euro 3 version.

“We specifically go for the renewal of our fleet in accordance with Euro 6 standards. That is the best standard currently available on the market”, explains Luc Jullet, CEO of Hansea. “We strongly believe in alternative drive options, such as hybrid and electric engines, and we look into the possibilities of these new systems for our mobility services. That is why our new Euro 6 buses are not the ultimate goal, but rather an important step towards a healthier environment.”

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