06 Nov 2017


The Dutch TRIBUS is the only company at Busworld with a category M1 vehicle, in everyday language that means maximum 3.5 tonnes and 8+1 seats.

TRIBUS took a Fiat Ducato and added a lowered floor between the B-frame and the rear axis. Perfect to fit a wheelchair. This was only possible in a front-wheel drive van. The advantage of the low floor is – without doubt – that the inclination of the platform is much gentler. After all, entering the van from the road is a 15 to 18 cm higher climb than if you’d start from the sidewalk. A second advantage is the required parking space: thanks to the side entry for wheelchairs, the 6-meter e-Civitas barely occupies more space than a regular passenger car, while a wheelchair entry through the rear requires twice as much space.

The motor, power management and batteries are supplied by the German Emovum and are TUV-certified. The 70-kWh battery pack is divided into two parts; one in the front where the combustion engine used to be and the rest in the rear overhang under the floor. This ensures a good axis load distribution and a low centre of gravity, which is a great plus for safety.

The asynchronous engine delivers 60 kW, well enough to achieve 120 km/h. The 70 kWh Li-ion battery pack guarantees a 200-km reach, enough for a full day of taxi transport. Charging takes no more than 4 hours and can be done at any charging station for passenger cars. This makes that no expensive charging infrastructure must be installed.

TRIBUS recently received the Dutch taxi innovation award: a proof that this 100% electric low-floor minibus is appreciated.

In the 8+1 seats segment, the offer of minibuses is little. Even less so are there many versions with a lowered floor. This innovation is very welcome, for sure.

Tribus was recently awarded the taxi innovation award for its low-floor minibus.

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