06 Nov 2017


The Spanish minibus manufacturer Indcar presents a new Strada M2. A beautiful minibus with a 5.9-meter length and a capacity of up to nine passengers. Indcar has chosen a VIP interior and a large cargo space.

The basis for this Strada is a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 314 CDI or 316 CDI.

The Sprinter’s ‘normal’ wide sliding door fitted with folding step was retained. Indcar only added a luxurious interior with ‘premium’ leather seats, air conditioning, led ambient light and wooden flooring and finishing. The cargo space still has a volume of 1.73 cubic metres, enough for quite some luggage. In its ‘high roof’ version, the Strada M2 is 2.6 meters high and in the normal version 2.4 meters. Since the front part of a Sprinter, including the work station, remains unchanged, the driver enjoys the usual Mercedes-Benz ergonomic quality.

A second novelty of Indcar is the launch of a new Next generation, an integrally built version with 264 hp Paccar/DAF PX7 engine. The Next comes in four lengths with a capacity ranging from 27 to 41 seats. The driver’s work station was designed from scratch entirely by Indcar. For the Benelux region, Indcar is represented by Zuideind in the Dutch Joure. Indcar, which also has a factory in Romania where the Mobi model is being manufactured – 180 pieces this year - expects for 2017 a turnover of about 30 million euros and a production of 415 vehicles.

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