25 Oct 2017


The company presents a modular construction system for multi-element vehicle concepts at the Busworld Europe exhibition. Also to be featured at the exhibition are the newly enhanced Exeo 500 lift system and a service-friendly electric ramp.

Hübner has been since long an important supplier for the bus industry. With more than 2,400 employees worldwide and headquarters in Kassel, Germany she is offering a broad product portfoliio for this segment. These include articulation systems, quick-change window systems and a wide range of rubber profiles as well as axle guides from Hübner’s affiliated company Hemscheidt Fahrwerktechnik.

More and more cities are expressing interest in making use of buses that are over 30 meters in length. The realization of vehicles with these dimensions is highly complex. The new solutions involve innovative steering concepts requiring special knowledge regarding the interaction of vehicle components and articulation systems. Hübner offers a modular construction system for multi-element vehicle concepts. The new system provides an effective and economical method for bus manufacturers to develop new vehicle concepts.

And there is a further innovation from the company in this connection: newly developed articulation systems for bi-articulated buses (with two pivoting joints) are now available for regular use.  The combination of key components from the modular construction system with the specially developed articulation for multi-element buses makes it possible for bus manufacturers to realize new vehicle concepts for use in BRT systems in today's growing megacities.

Hübner Transportation GmbH (HTG) is moving proactively to meet customer and market requirements with a range of new developments. Presented for the first time at Busworld Europe is the Exeo 500, a weight-optimized, heavy-duty lift with a lightweight construction that can handle loads up to 500 kg.

Affiliate company Hemscheidt Fahrwerktechnik GmbH & Co. KG. are notable for their light-weight construction. In comparison to axle guides made of cast or forged steel, they feature a weight reduction of 30 percent. Furthermore, the comfort level has been improved through a pronounced reduction in the proximal spring rate as well as optimized radial stiffness.



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