22 Oct 2017


The ongoing transformation the mobility with the emergence of self-driving vehicles and e-mobility is bringing exciting new challenges and distinctive opportunities to the Schaltbau Group, and its subsidiary Bode Door Systems.

At this year's Busworld Europe exhibition, the company will be presenting Bode's trend-setting new solutions and concepts together with those of the affiliated companies Schaltbau GmbH and Schaltbau Refurbishment. The new generation of doors from Schaltbau Bode is especially designed for bus manufacturers and for manufacturers working on new self-driving vehicle concepts. The aim of this new SST-E generation is to radically simplify the complete door system and in particular to reduce the system's weight. Other important features are its improved reliability, a simple and robust door installation with an excellent adjustability, combined with exceedingly simple maintenance of the door systems during vehicle operation.

The result is a new generation of sliding plug doors which will be presented in prototype form at Busworld. Key characteristics of this door system are among others an efficient, no-loss belt drive in the top dead center locking system, and an optimized movement for opening and closing (Soft Closing) reducing the noise emission.  

The compact design with its clear reduced weight represents the prerequisite to lower energy consumption increasing mileage of future electric driven vehicle generations. The patent request has been already been submitted. The concept is currently in the final review for first customer projects.

Besides providing optimal functionality, the engineers at Schaltbau Bode prioritized customer design wishes in developing the BIDS drive system. The BIDS AM for vehicles of the future such as self-driving units and "people movers" replaces today's conventional 3-rail guide system through the elimination of the middle rail. This creates additional space for individual design possibilities in new-generation vehicles.

Schaltbau Refurbishment GmbH is moving to meet the growing demand for electric buses and trucks, particularly for use in inner-city applications. To maintain the accustomed cycle times, fast battery charging is essential. Schaltbau Refurbishment provides the necessary high-speed chargers – with top standards for safety, availability and efficiency. The modular design of the products can accommodate different performance demands and also keeps costs low for good profitabilitySchaltbau claims. With the models EVA400, EVA950 and the charging management system BalanceStar, opportunity charging as well as overnight charging are possible.


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