16 Oct 2017


This Polish company will present cooling systems designed and developed to provide an appropriate working temperature for alternative drivelines. Examples are a system for hydrogen fuel cell systems, or cooling systems for the electronic components of electric buses.

The suitable working temperature for a hydrogen fuel cell system is up to 45 degrees Celsius. The operation of the module is monitored by a controller which, thanks to its appropriate configuration, accurately sets the fan rotation speed necessary to maintain the

required coolant temperature. Thanks to this solution no

energy is wasted.

The module is supplied with a control system by Bosch Rexroth, monitoring the module in relation to the temperature in the cells. The control system uses information available in the CAN network of the vehicle, which allows for eliminating additional sensors.

The module is supplied with lightweight and efficient heat exchangers, which makes it weight lower.

Fans equipped with brushless motors are the highest quality solution, guaranteeing extended service

life and low failure rate.

The cooling module is based on electric fans. In the era of environmental care and simplicity of service, requirements related to the use of electric fans have been appearing more and more often in specifications submitted by end customers and by the bus manufacturers.

The solution designed by BSPL is based on high quality heat exchangers used by large OEM vehicle manufacturers. The side-by- side configuration (heat exchangers are placed next to one another)

allows for a lower pressure drop, and consequently the use of electric fans.

The fans mounted in the modules are the highest quality solutions, applying brushless motors. The module’s operation is monitored by a controller, which thanks to its appropriate settings of the fans’ rotation speed maintains  the coolant at required temperature. This significantly influences the generation of noise by the cooling system and the energy consumption.

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