03 Oct 2017


She ntroduced the technology recently at Wabco’s test track through a demonstration of special maneuvers conducted by Wabco on Tata trucks equipped with the technology.

Wabco's ESCsmart functionality builds on Wabco’s industry-leading Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and Electronic Braking System (EBS) platforms. It is an active safety system that monitors the roll and directional stability of vehicles. The system can automatically intervene, independent of the driver, when a high risk of instability is detected. Tata Motors is to launch ESCsmart for their Prima range of trucks. Alongside significantly reducing the risk of accidents associated with vehicle instability, the self-learning capabilities of ESCsmart also help vehicle manufacturers to eliminate the necessity of physically testing all variants of vehicles during homologation. Wabco’s ESCsmart is the commercial vehicle industry’s first and most efficient technology to homologate ESC, on the Indian saving significant time and effort for OEMs. Features of ESCsmart system include Yaw Control and Roll Stability Control. While Yaw Control provides directional vehicle stability on low-friction surfaces, Roll Stability Control works effectively on high-friction surfaces. ESCsmart technology has been certified by TÜV Nord Germany.

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