05 Oct 2017


This new Caetano model is the outcome of a project started in 2015, when stakeholders including passengers, operators and suppliers were consulted on their vision.
The result is a new design, along with improvements to make it easier to drive, maintain and more pleasant for the passengers. British coach operator National Express will be the main user of this new model

At 14.9m it’s 0.6m longer than the current Levante II tri-axle, which remains in production and examples will continue to be delivered until full series production hits its stride early next year.

The extra length adds three more seats, taking it to 59, but only a little more weight thanks to improvements in the structure.

Passengers will benefit from two USB ports at each seat position, and under-seat bag stowage, with airline-style bars to stop items sliding forward. The rear panel has more familiar styling cues, a clever use of grille arrangement

One of the most fascinating developments in passenger comfort is totally hidden underfloor heating using conductive film. Not only does this deal with complaints about cold spots, especially by the large entrance door, but also does away with perimeter heating. Removing the water pipes not only deletes potential leaks, but the absence of the heaters frees up valuable legroom by the window.

The underfloor heating is split into four zones, front/back, left/right, to cope with the differences of temperature near the engine, and cooler front. Drivers get a new dash with better switch location, a lockable storage box to the left of the seat and UVB coating on the windscreen to cut down solar gain. Co-drivers will enjoy a new larger courier seat, with bigger footrest that slides out from the top step.

The new Levante is available on Volvo’s B11R chassis or on a Scania chassis.

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