28 Sep 2017


Maximum efficiency and variability, supreme comfort and the ultimate in safety, are the claims of the the new Setra S 531 DT double-decker bus of the TopClass 500 series. With superlative aerodynamics, this impressive touring coach is all set to establish new fuel efficiency records in its segment.

With its flexible lower deck, it covers the entire scope of applications in touring and regular services. The interior boasts an impressive standard of comfort. Finally, the use of Active Brake Assist 4 and Sideguard Assist on board the new double-decker bus will mark the world premiere for these assistance systems in the bus and coach segment. These systems further enhance the already high standard of safety. All of this is cloaked in a fascinating design with its own distinct stamp.

The spectacular new titan of the touring coach world is flanked by three more models from Setra at the Busworld Europe trade show. They each embody two traditional values of the Setra brand: utmost comfort and maximum cost effectiveness. A Setra TopClass S 515 HDH showcases the ultimate in luxury for exclusive tours. The compact Setra ComfortClass S 511 HD with lounge area is perfect for VIP trips with small groups. Finally, the low-entry Setra S 415 LE business is the ideal inter-city bus for very cost-conscious companies and tenders for contracts.

The very highest standards of safety thanks to innovative flair and Group technology – the premium brand's new double-decker comes as standard with features such as long-life all-LED headlamps which are kind on the eyes. The emergency braking system Active Brake Assist 4 (ABA 4) – another standard feature – is being introduced in the bus and coach sector for the first time ever on board the S 531 DT. In addition to the previously available functions – maximum full-stop braking in response to stationary objects and obstacles moving ahead of the vehicle – it now also incorporates pedestrian detection with automatic braking response. This enables the driver to avoid a collision by means of maximum full-stop braking or a steering manoeuvre.

Another world premiere in the bus and coach segment is the use of Sideguard Assist to combat the problem of blind spots. This employs radar sensors to monitor the lane to the right of the bus along the vehicle's entire length. When making a turn, it alerts the driver to pedestrians, cyclists as well as stationary obstacles in the path of the turn by causing a lamp to light up in the exterior mirror on the co-driver's side and by providing haptic feedback in the form of the driver's seat vibrating. When not driving in urban areas, the Sideguard Assist furthermore doubles as a Lane Change Assist system as the monitored zone is extended beyond the vehicle's own length at higher speeds by as much as five metres at the front and 15 metres at the rear.

In the event of a fire, the detection line, under pressure, bursts, giving the driver visual and audible warning messages in the central display. At the same time a fire-extinguishing process is triggered, with an extinguishing mixture being spread in the entire engine compartment by means of high-pressure nozzles. The new double-decker bus is a member of the Setra TopClass 500 series. Within the 500 model series it is nevertheless in a class of its own, on account of its broad spectrum of applications and its diverse scope of equipment and variants. This is documented by its modern and distinct appearance. The Setra's face with its dark front panel and silver brand lettering clearly originates from the TopClass 500. As a new feature, the two windscreens are seamlessly joined together and structured by an aluminium bar.



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