27 Sep 2017


Building on an 80-year expertise in rear vision and on its business unit Safety Tech, dedicated to Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, Vision Systems will showcase its camera monitoring system Smart-Vision in Kortrijk, that replaces the rearview mirrors with high-definition cameras and interior displays. Developed by Safety Tech, Smart-Vision is an innovative and efficient solution for buses, coaches, recreational vehicles, trucks and specific vehicles, providing optimized visibility and enhanced ergonomics.

The system operates night and day, in every weather and in any driving environment. Compared with standard rearview mirrors, the interior displays eliminate glare and the automatic adjustment of the screens’ brightness ensures excellent visibility in all lighting conditions.

Optionaldriver assistance systems developed in-house based on image analysis can be added to the solution. Indeed, the Savety-Mirror solution alone, that comprises side cameras next to the rearview mirrors and an interior display, provides improved visibility, lane changing assistance, blind spot detection, high-speed and long-distance vehicle detection and monitoring of the vehicle’s surrounding. The system can be integrated into the Smart-Vision solution without additional cameras.

The Savety-Front solution, most particularly designed for urban vehicles and consisting of intelligent and configurable sensors, alerts the driver when a risk of collision with a vehicle, cyclist or pedestrian is detected. The anticipation of collision is based on path comparison, taking in account the road users’ position, speed and direction. The solution differentiates a road user who represents a potential collision danger from another one who does not; if there is no collision risk, the alert does not activate. The system can also include guidance and maneuver assistance, video recording for insurances and statistics on risk areas for drivers’ training or improvement of urban space.

Smart-Vision not only offers greater driving comfort and safety, but also allows a high return on investment, the company claims, by significantly cutting fuel consumption thanks to improved aerodynamics, and by reducing insurance and maintenance costs, while maximizing the vehicle’s availability.

Furthermore, as an expert in solar protection solutions and following the establishment of Smart Lite last year, a new division devoted to the design, production and commercialization of dimmable solutions, Vision Systems will exhibit a multizone Electronically Dimmable Window (EDW). EDWs, integrated into the glazing, allow the passengers to tune the tint of their window from clear to dark in order to regulate daylight, glare and heat entering in, while preserving the view. They enhance visual, thermal and acoustic comfort, for a greater wellness atmosphere. They can be controlled directly by the passenger, through a centralized control panel, or automatically with integrated light sensors.

Moreover, they turn dark when the vehicle or train is stopped, keeping the interior cooler for low air-conditioning consumption. The electronics are integrated, which facilitates installation (original equipment or retrofitting) and reduces maintenance and downtime. Lastly, they are suitable for large flat or curved surfaces with different zones to be dimmed independently.

Vision Systems claims also to be a European leader in the driver protection door’s market, with its modular composite-based door comprising a reliable up/down sliding glass that separates the driver from the passengers to provide more wellness andmore security to the bus drivers. Easy to install, to retrofit and to maintain.


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