23 Sep 2017


Adhesive and sealant producer Saba has introduced Sabatack Fast as an innovation for the bus and coach industry. This durable, super-fast and elastic adhesive is a response to trends such as process speed and process security. Substantial optimisation has been realised through the controlled use of a second component. This works as a booster, so that the adhesive builds up strength faster (within 2 hours), without any concessions on quality or safety. The product is available in a handy duo cartridge and 200-litre drums for large-scale use.

The right adhesive technologies can help to make vehicles not only lighter, but also stronger, safer, quieter and greener, as Saba claims. Sabatack Fast is part of Saba’s MS Polymer product range. This means that the adhesive is both people and environment-friendly. There are no hazard symbols on the packaging, The SABA concept goes beyond the best sealant or adhesive. The goal is process optimisation and strengthening the competitive positions of its customers. A support team of EAS adhesive specialists and EAE engineers is active throughout the EU for this purpose. They work on the deployment of production-increasing application equipment and structural improvements in customer production processes. Saba also stands for security: all applications are clearly documented, tested, verified and certified. A great deal of knowledge has already been gained, although there is always the possibility of testing in accordance with the required standards at SABA’s own testing facilities at the head office in the Netherlands. 

Saba will continue to invest in compliance with the latest bus regulations, such as requirements on the structural safety of buses and specific requirements on flammability testing of materials used in buses. SABA maintains a close working relationship with OEMs and bus and coach builders in the core competence of elastic bonding.

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