15 Aug 2017


VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd and ITS Russia have signed a partnership agreement concerning the development of intelligent transport systems (ITS). The objective of Project CAVLANE, as it s called, is to develop new services, products and standards for border crossings in particular.

CAVLANE is linked to an initiative of the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade to create a roadmap for transport solutions that support automated driving as well as to the Autonet-2 scientific and technical initiative.

Businesses from all over Europe are hoped to join the partnership.

The project involves testing ITS services for drivers before and after border crossings, such as queue cautions that are hoped to make traffic flow more smoothly at the Nuijamaa border crossing point and standardized EU V2V warning messages.

The Project CAVLANE has already helped to network a number of Finnish organizations and businesses. VTT is in charge of coordinating the national business consortium, which currently consists of Indagon, Nokia, Vediafi, Dynniq and Infotripla.

The aim is to link CAVLANE to an ITS route sponsored by the Russian Government, which would begin from the biggest cities in Finland and run via Helsinki to Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Kazan and China.


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