30 Jul 2017


Microvast, a provider of battery storage that its battery systems has been installed in Higer pure-electric buses, which will provide shuttle services during the Expo 2017 Astana exhibition in the capital of Kazakhstan.

With its ultra-fast charge characteristics, electric buses equipped with Microvast battery systems can handle all weather conditions, a wide variety in the number of passengers, and lengthy operating periods - while slow-charging buses are not able to do so, claims Microvast. The company intends to attract interest in electric-powered bus travel by demonstrating how to use energy efficiently and environmental cleanlyness for passenger travel.

It is expected that attendees from 100 countries will participate in Expo 2017, and more than two million people will visit the exhibition this year. During the Expo, the bus routes will include all the significant transportation hubs around Expo Park, World Expo Village, the Expo hotel, and the city leading to the Expo area. Attendees from around the world will enjoy traveling with the comfortable and convenient shuttle service provided by pure-electric buses.

Expo 2017 Astana is an international exhibition held in Kazakhstan from June 10 to September 20, 2017.

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